Choosing the right grass for your custom home in Houston can make a difference in the long-term enjoyment of the yard.  Different grasses require different amounts of maintenance, and will look different throughout the seasons.

Are you the kind of person who loves to spend time out in your yard? Or, would you prefer a low maintenance setup? Is it important to you to have green grass all year around?   Different types of grass fit different personalities.

In Houston there are four major types of grass commonly found in residential yards: St. Augustine, Bermuda, Zoysia, and Rye Grass.  Each has its own characteristics.



Bermuda grass is a very popular choice, especially since it is featured in many southern golf courses.  When well maintained, it creates a thick, green lawn that is fairly water efficient.  It is easily started from seed or sod.

With the right amount of water and fertilizer, Bermuda is a very pleasant green over the spring summer and fall months; and transitions to a dormant brown for the winter. In terms of water requirements, Bermuda is one of the most efficient choices of the four major types, requiring almost half the water as St. Augustine, and needing virtually no water in the dormant winter months.

Bermuda is a very aggressive grass, so you’ll need to keep a close eye on it to keep it from creeping into your sidewalks, gardens, and neighbor’s yards.  It spreads with long runners that can reach out several feet to start new plants.  Although it is aggressive, it needs to be healthy to fend off weeds.

Bermuda thrives in sunlight, but struggles in areas of shade.  If you have a lot of shade in your yard, you might consider another type of grass or at least seeding the shady areas with a more shade tolerant grass.


St. Augustine

St. Augustine grass is characterized by thick, green blades, which are not as soft to the touch, but give the appearance of a more uniformly colored lawn.  Although it requires more water to maintain, this type of grass is more tolerant of colder weather, and therefore will remain green through most of the year.

St. Augustine is also more tolerant to shade than Bermuda.  Some homeowners with shady lawns prefer St. Augustine throughout their lawn, or at least in the shady areas.  It’s also a bit more weed resistant than Bermuda.



Zoysia grass has a finer blade than St. Augustine and tolerates shade better than Bermuda.  To keep it healthy, it requires more water than Bermuda.

Many people use zoysia to overseed the shady areas in their Bermuda yards.  While it is disease and insect resistant, it is also slow growing.



Rye is a seasonal grass that pops up in the winter when Bermuda is dormant.  Many people overseed their Bermuda lawns with Rye to add color during the winter months.


The Choice is yours

The right grass for your Houston lawn will depend on your personality.  If water conservation is important to you, choose Bermuda.  If you want your grass to be green year round, choose St. Augustine.  Use Zoysia and Rye to overseed your Bermuda yard in shady areas and for winter color.

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