When moving into your new custom luxury home, it is  important to think about safety items right off the bat so that you can quickly settle in and enjoy your new home.  Items such as fire extinguishers, smoke alarms, peepholes, etc. should be in place and operational.  Here are a few tips to get you started off right.


Fire extinguishers

Make sure you have a fire extinguisher on every floor of your home.  Put one in the kitchen that you can access quickly from the stove and microwave. On the other floors of your home, put them in central areas such as a hall closet or under a sink in a central bathroom.


Smoke alarms

Take a quick inventory of all the smoke alarms in your home and make sure the batteries are fresh. There should be a smoke alarm in every room of the house.  Most smoke alarms today also sense toxic gasses such as carbon monoxide.  If you do not have a modern smoke alarm, consider upgrading.



A peephole in your front door allows you to see who is at your door without opening it.  If you don’t have a window in your front door, consider having a peephole installed.  It’s the kind of thing that you will not miss until you need it!


Indoor / Outdoor Lighting

Having sufficient lighting inside and outside your home is important so that you and others can easily see what is happening in and out of your home.  A well lit exterior minimizes the places where people could potentially hide and allows your neighbors to help spot any uninvited activity.


Get to know your neighbors

Within the first few weeks of moving into your home, it is a wise idea to go around and get to know your neighbors.  Be sure to exchange phone numbers and email addresses so that you can keep in touch.  Find out if there is a neighborhood email list or message board that you should subscribe to as well.


Don’t leave keys under a mat

It can be tempting to leave a spare key under your doormat in case you forget your keys or need to let a friend in, but that’s an easy way to also allow in unwanted guests.  If you need to leave a key outside, get more creative with your hiding spot or consider using a lock box with a code.


Keep hedges no higher than window sills

Be sure to keep your landscaping tidy so that you don’t leave any unnecessary hiding places in your yard.  A good rule of thumb is to keep your hedges trimmed no higher than your window sills so that you can easily see past them to the street and the rest of the yard.


Don’t overload circuits

As you are setting up your appliances and electronic devices, make sure that you don’t place too much burden on any one circuit.  Spread out your devices so that the load is balanced.  Overloading electrical circuits can potentially start a fire.


Home Security System

For an additional layer of security, consider adding a home security system.  Modern home security units allow you to monitor your home remotely through your mobile device and even have some additional features such as the ability to adjust temperature and lighting.

Hopefully, these tips will help you to quickly take care of a few important safety items so that you can get on with enjoying your new custom luxury home!

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