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Frequently Asked Questions:

How long does it take to build a custom home?

There are many factors that determine the length of time it takes to build a custom home. Some of those include the size of the home you’re building, style of home, specialty finishes and availability of those finishes, your responsiveness/availability to choose finishes, weather, and other many other factors.  However, in most cases, we can build a custom home (not including design, engineering, and permitting) in 9 months for homes under 6,000 square feet and 12 months to 15 months for larger homes.  The design, engineering and permitting typically takes 4 to 6 months.  To clarify a little further, this is for a 100% custom home, which shouldn’t be confused with a semi-custom home, which can be built faster since the floor plan is repeated over and over.

What are the stages for building a custom home?

This varies from builder to builder. However, we break it down into the 13 milestones:

  1. Design/Engineering/Permitting
  2. Foundation
  3. Framing
  4. Roof
  5. Exterior Façade
  6. Mechanicals
  7. Insulation and Drywall
  8. Cabinets and Trim
  9. Paint
  10. Flooring/Tile/Countertops
  11. Fixtures and Appliances
  12. Flatwork, Landscaping, Fencing
  13. Punchout

How much do I need to put down to purchase a home?

This depends on your financial position and the bank. Most of the homes we build, if financed, fall into the Jumbo Loan category and require a 20% down payment.

How much does it cost to build a home?

This can vary widely depending on the size, finishes, and amenities you are wanting in your new custom home. We’ve built some beautiful homes for $500,000 and have ranged up to $6,000,000. To help get a better sense of costs & budget use our Houston Homebuyers Calculator.

What is the hardest part of building a house?

The wait… especially the last 45 days of a build. When we get close to the end of project the house always looks months away from being complete to the untrained eye.  However, things like countertops, fixtures, and flooring all go very quickly, and almost everyone is surprised how fast the house comes together at the end.  Then, during the last two weeks, the build always appears to be at a standstill and clients get nervous again.  This is usually a result of everything already being installed.  The minor tweaks and touchups make it look like there isn’t much going on, but those minor items make a big difference in the end.

What sets you apart from other custom home builders?

Simply put it’s communication. We hear horror stories all the time from clients about how the relationship with their previous builder deteriorated over the course of the build… especially during a large remodel.  We believe in constant communication with our clients.  So much so that we invested in a custom software program available to our clients 24 hours a day/7days a week.  Here you can see your pictures of your selections, budgets, ask detailed questions, and keep track of what stage your home is in.  In addition, we are in contact with our clients via, text, phone, or email almost every day.  Se believe the more information you have, and the better you understand the build process, the more you are going to enjoy the experience.  This is what really sets us apart and we strive to live by our slogan, “We construct exceptional building experiences.”

Do I need to own my lot already or can you help me find one?

If you already have a lot purchased and are ready to build a custom home, we can certainly work with you. If you are still looking we can also assist.  We have an in-house real estate brokerage team to help you find the perfect lot in the best Houston neighborhoods while staying within your budget.

What is the per square foot cost for new construction?

There are many factors that go into determining the cost of building a custom home, which can effect the price per square foot. Size, style, finishes, and amenities to name a few.  For a high-end luxury build we typically see pricing for homes up to 6,000 square feet ranging between $235/SqFt and $260/SqFt.  For larger homes we usually in the $300+/SqFt range.

Any questions in need of more clarification? Did we miss a question? Let us know at info@refinedcustombuilders.com.

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