Three generations of the Meyer family were instrumental in the development of Meyerland. Joseph F. Meyer was five years old when his family moved to Houston soon after the Civil War. During the 1890’s, Meyer bought rice fields southwest of Houston, accumulating over 6,000 acres. In 1955, one of his sons, George Meyer, developed 1,200 acres of his father’s purchase into a subdivision for single family dwellings; in the spring of that year, Vice President Richard M. Nixon cut the ribbon for Meyerland’s grand opening. 

In October, 1957, Meyerland Plaza Shopping Center opened with a celebration of “Around the Shopping World in 80 Acres,” featuring hot air balloon rides, and Little League Baseball was introduced to Meyerland Park. Residents started garden clubs, and by 1958, the Meyerland Teen Club and the Meyerland Civic Club were thriving. The Meyerland Club, home of the nationally recognized Meyerland Swim Team, opened its doors. 

As a planned community, Meyerland was famous. Look magazine devoted four pages to it in 1957, and House and Home magazine did a feature in 1958 touting Meyerland as the “ideal plan” for a subdivision. 

Today, there are over 2,300 homes in Meyerland. Its location makes it accessible to all areas of Houston; it is close to the 610-Loop, the Texas Medical Center, downtown, Greenway Plaza, and the Galleria. Meyerland is highly regarded for its strong deed restrictions enforced by an active civic association, its 24-hour security patrol, and its solid real estate value. 

New and younger families are moving into the neighborhood. Many are second-generation Meyerlanders who are returning to this community of friendly people, excellent schools, and first-class shopping. Home prices range from the low $100,000s upwards to under $1 million.

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