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Home Remodeling Process:

Initial Visit

If you’re thinking of remodeling your home the first step in the process is to learn more about each other.  You want to work with a builder you like and trust and we want the same from homeowners. Life is too short for caustic relationships. That is why our first meeting is usually more informal. We prefer to sit down and have coffee, wine or cocktails, which gives us the opportunity to learn about your family, your lifestyle, and what kind of personality you want incorporated into your home. At the same time you learn about our core values and our passion for building exceptional homes. If our initial meeting is not at your home, we’ll then schedule a time to visit your house so we can better understand your visions.

Design and Build Agreement

Once we determine it makes sense for us to work together the next step is to sign a design agreement. It’s really a simple process where we state our intention to work together and outlines the basic scope and price range of your home. The design contract is solely to engage our design staff.

Once the design drawings are complete, with a detailed set of specifications and budget allowances, we execute a Residential Remodel Agreement. Once an agreement is reached we are ready to get the project permitted and start construction.

Already Have Architectural and Engineering Plans?

If you already have your architectural and engineering drawings we can move right into the Residential Remodel Agreement and begin permitting and construction.


It’s now time to bring your home design to life. This is usually where stress levels increase for homeowners and communication becomes critical. But no need to worry… there’s an App for that! We have brought today’s communication technology into the homebuilding world. Here’s a peek at what it looks like:

Luxury Remodels 1

This application allows us to communicate exactly where the project is in the building process. In addition, you will easily be able to select the fun stuff for your home like paint colors, plumbing fixtures, light fixtures, appliances, and flooring. To learn more about our custom build application click here. We’ll even let you try it out for free!

Walk Thru

At the end of construction we will walk the home together to make sure everything meets your expectations. It’s now time to move-in and start enjoying what you created! Just make sure you invite us to your house warming party.

Luxury Remodels 2

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